SHOWREEL Video. Go on a journey to distant lands and be moved by wedding couple's most intimate stories.


Your special day deserves nothing but the best. We feel that one look at our wedding showreel above, will have you convinced that Greece’s premiere destination wedding cinematographer, is your cinematographer of choice.

What we do, and where we do it.

For almost a decade, Aegean Films has been creating one-of-a-kind cinematic wedding videos that are inspired by you.  We shoot mostly in Greece Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete and many other less known Greek islands.  We also shoot abroad and have worked in Sydney, Dubai, London, Chicago amongst other places.

About our wedding cinematography approach and style.

We work closely with our couples and are genuinely interested in learning about who they are, how they became to be a couple and what message they hope to convey to the people watching the films we create.  We use all the insights gained, to truly create a film that they can uniquely call their own, and is an accurate representation of who they are as individuals as well as a couple.

While other film studios focus on filming mediocre, and sometimes beautiful shots of your wedding day that merely serve as eye-candy, we strive to shoot in a way that ensures that the footage captured, and the techniques used to post-produce this footage, always goes towards telling your story in the most thought provoking way.  We ensure that the story told, and the style used to tell it, supports the vision we and our valued clients agreed on.

wedding shoot in Udaipur India
Fabulously colourful wedding shoot outside grand palace in Udaipur, India.

Why choose Aegean Films.

It is important  to note the relevance of choosing a seasoned destination film-maker that has a wide gamut of story-telling abilities.  Although we started-out with stills photography and short wedding films, we are, one of the few studios that have successfully branched out to other forms of story telling, for example documentaries and commercial short films.  For the bride-to-be, this is important because you want to ensure that the style of film you seek, and the story you want to tell, is not curtailed by the film-maker’s limited abilities in terms of style or story-telling.  For example, what if you had an amazing story, what if you were the CEO of a fortune 500 company, and met your husband/wife to be, in what only can be described in a one-in-a-million chance occurrence. Will your chosen wedding cinematographer have experience in other forms of story telling outside the wedding genre, as required in order to effectively tell your story.  Will your chosen videographer be able to tell such a story, in a way that is stylish and not tacky?

It is safe to say that most so called wedding cinematographers have very limited story-telling abilities, and would fall apart if asked to do anything else slightly outside the wedding genre.  Most should be classified as videographers rather than cinematographers or film-makers per-say.

Wedding trends today dictate that the bride and groom to be, dig a little deeper into their self and life’s story, in order to accumulate the essence of who they are, and communicate this to their cinematographer, who will use this insight to create a film that is truly unique and will support their story.

Unlike photojournalistic wedding stills-photography, that relies more on capturing authentic moments rather than manufactured ones, wedding cinematography is a little different.   With wedding cinematography, the aim still is to capture authentic moments but to do this with motion picture, requires a cinematographer who also has skills as a director.  The result is the creation of moments which look and are authentic on screen, however these created moments are used to enhance your story rather than to re-create something that never happened.  It’s a fine line and only a cinematographer who’s worth their weight in gold is able to pull this off, to create, while still having something look authentic and natural despite the use of non-professional actors.

We are, cinematographers in the true sense of the word, and don’t just use this term, and others like it, as marketing terms.

Looking forward to documenting your special day.

To further your consideration in commissioning Aegean Films to document your special day, in the most amazing way, please take a look at our portfolio or our previous clients testimonials, located on our main site.  Connect with us now, by completing the form in the contact section of our main site.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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