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We create incredible
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We create short viral product films and authentic branding messages that evoke emotion, transcend language barriers and are inspired by you, your life, product or brand.

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Vasili Pasioudis


Go on an journey to distant lands and be moved by couple’s most intimate stories. AEGEAN

We humans are a
communicative bunch.
Non-verbal cues makes up a large part of our communications... Next >

Welcome to
Aegean Films®

We Tell Stories
We communicate most effectively by telling stories.
...we have been telling stories for millennia. Before the written word, cave paintings were one of the earliest forms of story-telling and a primary means of imparting knowledge... Next >
Tell A Story Next >
So how do you tell the right story?
...if you don’t convey a story well, it will get lost, forgotten for ever more. Stories fight for survival just like evolution. Good stories, presented and executed well, are shared, passed on, remembered...
Authenticity Sells ...statistics and other facts are important, but they are not engaging. Passionately crafted personal stories that are well executed and offer great moments of clarity, demand attention, and are far more engaging.
Stories delivered via short films, can be a powerful tool.


There’s a lot of noise out there in today’s information fuelled society, all competing for your attention and therefore, knowing how to capture one’s undivided attention becomes a valuable skill.


Evoking emotion and tapping into our higher self, requires the creation of concise, narrative driven short films that transcend language and cultural barriers. Whether it be a fiction or non-fiction short film, live event or documentary, authenticity is what audiences crave for today and its what we, at Aegean Films are good at capturing. Truth, presented via entertaining narrative, moves people.

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We bring together a nimble team of creatives in order to bring your vision to life while keeping production costs to a minimum. We can work directly with you or, collaborate with your existing creative partners and stakeholders in order to create film concepts that exceed your expectations.

Vas, please note that your talent and your passion is what made us excited about this every step of the way.
Bilal + Farah
The experience was really incredible, you made us feel really comfortable. Your work is one of a kind, very personal and original. You brought out our story and enhanced it.
David + Heather
The first time we spoke with Vasili over skype, I knew that he was the one who could deliver our unique story with the authenticity and the nuance it required and deserved.
Zhenia + Masha
Vasili captured our day with meticulous detail, and brought our true story to life in the most beautiful way. We are speechless!
Stephen + Jessica
As a film and television professional of many years, it was a relief to find someone as experienced as Vasili of Aegean Films to help capture moments of our children’s events at Athens Creative English. The children quickly became comfortable with Vas, which then aloud him to become invisible and capture natural and authentic moments with our students.
Athens Creative English
There was no doubt that Vas craved for telling stories of people from different cultures. His team was professional and unobtrusive and delivered a result which has become a family heirloom.
Kelvin + Kathy
Vas is a true artist. It takes one to know one. He is worth every penny. You won’t be disappointed.
Jennie + Joel
I am a professional wedding photographer in the UK and when it came to my own wedding I chose Vas and oh boy did he deliver! We are stoked. Highly recommended.
Clarissa & Liam
We initially hired another videographer to create our company promo and were disappointed. Second time round with Vas at the helm, resulted in a film that was 100x more effective. It’s amazing what a difference a talented and passionate professional can make.
Mario Nagy
Aegean Films has managed to turn the simple act of documenting a wedding into an art form.
Penelope + Will
Vas has created something that can only be described as priceless work of art that we will treasure forever. We have since become friends and talk often on a variety of interesting subjects.
Georgia + Andrew


We are interested in branding films as well as start-up films, because entrepreneurs by definition, are passionate about their new product or service they are trying to get off the ground. We love the process of creating communications that tell the story of the problem they are trying to solve, while drilling down deep in order to find the best way to highlight the entrepreneur’s core value proposition.

We are especially fond of creating films about personal stories that ask questions about the state of the world or the human condition as it exists today. We also crave for, and are also interested in creating films for entertainers, business leaders and other influential people who really have something to say. We thrive in learning who our subjects are and what makes them tick and ultimately, finding a creative approach in telling their story in a fresh and engaging way.

Intro Growing up in Australia and now residing in Europe, it excites me to work on a variety of projects that often require me to travel abroad to capture the human spirit, in all its complexity, beauty or ugliness.

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For almost a decade, boutique and internationally acclaimed film production company Aegean Films has been pushing the envelope in destination wedding cinematography. Founded by Vasili Pasioudis >, Aegean Films has been creating short films of unrivalled emotional depth for discerning clientele worldwide.

Now we begin a new chapter in our evolution, taking everything we’ve learnt in terms of creating with a cost effective nibble and agile crew, and applying these methodologies to commercial and documentary projects, while at the same time, we will not neglect our current and past wedding and event clients who have brought us here so far.

We trust that one look at our portfolio will have you convinced that by hiring us you will receive a service that will be handled with the utmost of care and sensitivity that will surpass your expectations.  Your consideration means a great deal for us.

The Aegean Films crew is available for travel worldwide. We take on a limited number of projects each year so we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to discuss your cinematic needs.

Contact us today, for a free, no obligation consultation.

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