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This lavish marriage proposal, was embedded on to 100s of websites and featured on the front pages of Yahoo Lifestyle. A must see. Read their amazing big story within. Filmed on the NCL Jade CruiseLiner. Duration 8:40 ★★★★★

Award winning jewellery designer Fotis Poniros reveals new additions to his "Windmill Collection" inspired by the windmills of Mykonos, an integral part of an Aegean lifestyle from a by-gone-era. ★★★★ Duration 0:59

When a man first meets someone and almost instantly knows that she's 'the one', he feels it, and she certainly did too. Watch Masha's Knight In Shinning Armour recollect their first meeting in this, a fairy-tail Russian wedding. ★★★ Duration 2:37

Poniros creates one-of-a-kind jewellery designs inspired by Greece's natural beauty. Poniros designs are enjoyed by fashionistas, politicians, spiritual leaders, Hollywood's A-Listers as well as anyone who appreciates unique designer jewellery. ★★★ Duration 2:56

Thalassa (sea) one of the most beautiful jewellery collections of the Poniros brand, is inspired by the deep blue waters of the Aegean sea. ★★★ Duration 0:59

Greek jewellery design brand Poniros, is inspired from their natural surrounds. The Volcanic Flower Collection is inspired by the volcanic flowers and dark ash rocks found only on the volcanic island of Santorini. ★★★★ Duration 0:59

Can the power of music bring two souls together? What happens when a music producer meets a popular music talent show's winning contestant? ★★★ Duration 6:40

When a colleague wedding photographer found us and asked if we could film her own wedding, then thats a request that one can't refuse. We obliged and this UK couple was equally thrilled with the result. ★★★ Duration 11:34

Santorini is one of the worlds most beautiful islands and a popular destination wedding location. Our motion portrait of Santorini has become the unofficial short film of Santorini approaching 5m+ views and counting. Duration 4:59

Short film highlighting this boutique hotel’s services, facilities, unique architecture and tranquil surrounds. Located on the Greek island of Santorini. Duration 4:59

Arriving into Santorini on a dark mysterious night, Jessica initially had reservations about coming to what initially appeared to be, a strange hostile place. This is our first wedding concept film and still one of our favourites. ★★★★★ Duration 18:48

Solara's first meeting with Mr D, her now husband, during a vacation in Puerto Rico. One year later Solara returns to Puerto Rico where she was proposed to under the ambience of Culebrita's lighthouse. ★★★ Duration 5:37

Choices, we make hundreds of them a day, while most are insignificant, others can change the course of our lives. ★★★ Duration 15:05

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