Choices, we make hundreds of them a day, most are insignificant, while others can be life-changing.

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Choices, we make hundreds of them a day, most are insignificant, while others can be life-changing.

When we think about the goals in our lives that we wish to achieve, we sometimes think about them so intensely, that we loose sight of the steps we must take, in order to achieve them.

For Bilal, it was simple, he had to let her know how he felt, but life got in the way, years had past and she had no clue, until one day, when Bilal knew what needed to happen, he had to make a decisive Choice. He hopped on a plane, back to his native Lebanon, not knowing exactly where to find her or even if she still frequented their old neighbourhood coffee shop, letting chance take its course.

The magic happened one beautiful April morning. Although Farah hasn't visited the coffee shop for over two years, just by chance, on that specific day, the day he had come thousands of miles to find her, the same day Farah was meant to be at work, she happened to decide to take a day off work and study at the coffee shop. Armed with her books, and the numerous highlighter pens that she is known to use, it was inevitable then that the two would meet again, and they did, and as they say, the rest is history.

Wedding Planner:
Reception: Rocabella Santorini
Hair & Make-Up: Froni Stamatiadou
Harpist: Harp 'Eri

Clarissa ^ Liam

Like Father, Like Son To Clarissa

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When another colleague wedding photographer finds you online and asks that you film their own wedding, then thats a request that one can't refuse. We were thrilled to be asked by the then bride-to-be to cover her wedding and this UK couple was equally thrilled with the result.

In this film, we try to show the story of a heroic leftenant who risks his life to secure the safe return of his comrades, a young man who followed in his father's footsteps to become an airline pilot as well as a adventurous individual, and the young woman who fell in love, sacrificing her livelihood and friends in order to allow her prince to pursue his career.

Filmed on location in Santorini by the Aegean Films team.

Return To Paradise

A concept wedding film by
Aegean Films.

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Jess and Stephen's strong bond, inspired us to create our first wedding concept film, uniquely tailored to their story.

Arriving into the port of Santorini, in the midst of darkness, in the wee hours of the night, everything appeared to be 'strange' and Jessica and her fiancé Steven began to wonder if they have in fact made the right decision to come to Santorini in the first place.

It was not until the next morning, when the world before them opened up to reveal the most gorgeous view, just inches from their bed-side. It was only then that they decided that yes in fact, it was the right decision to come to this magical place.

Ultimately, this film is the result of many months of communication between ourselves and J&S, as well as the willingness by all involved, to create something truly beautiful as well as personal. Filmed on location in Dublin and Santorini.

Created by:
Wedding Planner:
'Diamonds' covered by: Nega Jennie & Yannis Pagioutos

Masha + Zhenia

Masha is saved by her Knight In Shinning Armour in this, a fairy tail wedding.

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After getting to know Masha + Zhenia and most importantly, the manner in which they met, it was clear to us that we had to at least use the ‘essence’ of how they first met, and include this into their film. Masha had a dream of getting married on a ‘circular island‘ and after seeing coffee table book of Santorini, the wedding location was set in stone.

Masha’s Knight In Shinning Armour Zhenia, ensured his princess would receive the wedding she always dreamed of. They flew in a priest from Moscow, accompanied by a soprano-tenor duet who sang along the Priest. At the reception, Z+M surprised everyone with their choreographed swing-inspired 1st dance!

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